Making your Wedding Environmentally Friendly

Planning a wedding is no small feat and not for the faint-hearted. Everyone wants the perfect day of their dreams but sometimes it’s hard to respect the environment and have everything you desire. Planning an environmentally friendly wedding can add no more stress to your plans and give you the peace of mind that your big day is kind to the planet. There are many ways you can make your wedding sustainable whilst making it unique and beautiful that others are sure to enjoy.

Invite People

Green wedding invitations are one thing that has changed the wedding stationery industry. You can get almost anything you want on recycled paper and card, or commission handmade invites that use less energy in production. The same recycled options are available for printed programs and table name cards so that you can have a theme for the whole wedding.

For the ultimate in green wedding invites, you can have ones that are in recycled paper envelopes impregnated with seeds that can be planted after use to grow a plant or flower to remind them of your wedding day. What better way to remind friends and family of your commitment to each other than a beautiful flower or plant in their garden.

You can also use your wedding stationery to request eco friendly and natural gifts, and ask that the invite itself is recycled after use.


It is traditional that the bride and groom exchange wedding bands as a symbol of never ending devotion and commitment to each other, but the material they choose the bands to be made from does not have to be traditional.

Vintage wedding bands are available and are often of high quality and unique design. When vintage jewelry was made mass production as an industry had not been invented so they were hand crafted to individual design. They also made beautiful uses of different materials, so there may be the perfect piece for your wedding already out there waiting to be used for another couple.

Gold is a highly recyclable material and many wedding bands are made from recycled gold. Ask about the recycled content of the bands you buy and where the gold came from. If you must have diamonds set in them, ask the same question as diamonds can come from third world countries that mistreat their workers. Consider alternatives to diamonds such as moissanite, or other gem stones that have similar meanings and are just as beautiful.

The Dress

By its very nature a wedding dress is not designed to be eco friendly. A wedding dress is very beautiful but only designed to be worn once and very hard to use or disguise for another use. Vintage wedding dresses are the ultimate in recycling and can be altered to fit like it was made for you. They are often well made of good quality, natural material and able to express your personality. You may find a relative or friend has a dress that they would love you to use, that you would love to wear.

If you need to buy a new dress look for one that is made from natural materials and made locally. Organic cottons and silks are quite easy to find, and you can get matching material for your bridesmaid’s gowns too.


Picking fresh flowers may seem like an eco friendly option for a wedding, but hot house flowers are often grown using pesticides and hormones to increase productivity. Look for organic flowers grown locally in season, or better still, use plants that can be repotted after use. You can use other items to give body to the aisle and table pieces by using soy candles, vases, natural raffia or jute and balloons.

There are many wonderful alternate bridal bouquets available.  Some are made from recycled materials such as brooches and vintage jewelry, beads and upcycled fabric. Take a look at internet craft sites and see what can be achieved in an earth friendly way.


Plan your meals on what is available in the season, that is organic and naturally produced in your local area. You can avoid pesticides and artificially grown produce as well as making your meal fresh from the ground. It will reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding and mean your catering is healthier and tastier than other alternatives.


The kindest venue for the environment is to hold your wedding outdoors. There is less need for power and decoration, and with the addition of a band playing without electric equipment, the intimate atmosphere will be perfect for a beautiful wedding and environmentally sustainable too.

Your special occasion can be planned to perfection and include many green initiatives that make your eco friendly day happy, healthy, full of wonderful memories and kind to the environment.

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