A Healthy Revolution

We are in the midst of a healthy revolution where people are learning how their bodies work, then establishing patterns of what is best to keep them in good health. One way that people have empowered themselves is by understanding the way that the body processes the food it ingests, and what is needed to keep it at optimum health, and eradicating what is not.

The study of food at this level is known as nutrition, and someone who teaches this understanding is called a nutritionist. A nutritionist educates people on eating healthily, which is the ultimate in being earth friendly.  Healthy food is food that is free from chemical and pesticides, grown in its own time and in its own season.

Today, with advanced technology and the ability to see what happens within the body right down to what happens within cells themselves, we are able to follow how nutrients really function. More importantly, these new insights helps us to understand why having too little of these important dietary components can lead to problems such as low energy levels, early aging, and even disease. We can also see why the foods we decide to eat today affect our health not just today, but many years later in our lives.

The cells in your body are made up of the nutrients we ingest and digest and we need to keep them healthy. Food is more than fuel, it’s the material our bodies make our cells out of. If we chose to eat unhealthy food then our cells will not have the right nutrients to create robust structure that can function effectively. Not only will our cells suffer, so will our bodies as we starve them of necessary nutrients to be strong and over stuff them with damaging nutrients. Nutrition is not about our food making us fat, more about our food making us sick. Add to that the fact that processed food also contains added poisons and chemicals the body cannot metabolize, then the food we eat can slowly toxify our bodies.

The green lifestyle is a way to eat healthily and know where your food is coming from and to help your body ride this new healthy revolution so you get the most out of life for longer. Whoever you are and no matter what your physical goals, consider a consultation with a nutritionist so you can make the most out of your organic living and the most out of life.

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