Healthy Skin from the Inside

If your eyes are the window soul then your skin is a window to your body. You can tell the health of your body by the way your skin looks, reacts and feels. As the largest organ in the human body it absorbs a large amount of the nutrients and fats we eat. We need to eat healthily to keep it glowing and in good condition, but some foods are better than others at nourishing the skin.


Blueberries are an excellent source of age defying antioxidants. An amazing source of rich vitamin C, raw blueberries have everything healthy skin needs. Some of its properties are reduced when cooked so try and eat them fresh whenever possible, and they taste great too!

Omega 3 oils

Fish provide a great source of omega 3 oils which are known to be great for heart health, brain function and memory, but what is little known is how good it is for the skin. It unclogs pores and provides all the fat needed for elasticity. The best source of omega 3 is fresh fish, especially oily fish like sardines, but it can be taken as a supplement. Just remember, not all fats are bad for you.

Whole Grain

Whole grain foods are excellent for digestion for many reasons, but also for sugar levels. Their white flour counterparts cause a rapid spike in sugar and for each sugar molecule in the body; five molecules of water are needed to process it. Too many refined foods in your diet use up the majority of the water in the body leaving less for your skin. Your skin needs large amounts of water, not pop, tea or coffee, to keep the cells plump and glowing, so raise your whole grain intake to save water.


Water is one of the best medications to keep your skin healthy. Drink plenty of it and you skin will look after itself. The cells contain a way to bind water and fill out the cells making your skin glow. It becomes dry very quickly if not attended to, and it needs water without any additives to work effectively.

Probiotic Yogurt

The stomach has a strong connection with the skin and eating probiotic yogurt has been linked to decreasing unusual skin pigmentation and skin inflammation. Yogurt is increasingly being used in beauty treatments but the bacterium has to be active, so they may not be as effective as probiotic yogurt in the diet.

Sweet Potatoes

The vitamin A in sweet potatoes has been linked to reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging. By increasing the vitamin A in your diet through vegetables such as sweet potatoes your skin will look healthier – for longer.


Laughter lines are a very polite name for the annoying lines that grow around your eyes and lips as the skin loses elasticity. Broccoli and other dark green vegetables contain both vitamin A and C which are necessary for excellent skin, and the reduction of lines.


Avocados are the magic food for the skin. They contain all the fats, fiber and Vitamins C and A that health skin needs and are very tasty too. Eating them is a perfect way to feed your skin, but you can also use it as a face mask – unless you are prone to acne. The fats can clog the pores and make it worse, so stick to eating a healthy, organic guacamole.

A little sunshine

Vitamin D does not naturally occur in the diet, but it is produced from sunshine on the skin. Be wise and do not overexpose yourself to the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. You can also eat vitamin D enriched food or drinks instead, but it will help your skin stay young looking.

Look after your skin and keep it healthy by eating fresh, organic food and see your complexion improve the window to your body – as well as your overall health.

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