Why Choose an Organic Massage?

Massage has been a favoured therapy for thousands of years all over the world. It has soothed tired muscles, refreshed minds, healed bodies and rejuvenated emotions from the very first touch and continues to be used as it is a therapy that works. Massage is particularly effective when combined with essential oils as the healing properties from the oils stimulate the chosen benefit and bring about a relaxing, holistic healing. But why make a conscious decision to use an organic certified massage therapist?

Like organic foods, the production of the oils they use are stringently monitored to make sure they are free of additives, chemicals and synthetic substances. You can be sure that all the products your skin is absorbing are good for you, and will not create other problems within your body. Some organic practises even have natural fibres in the coverings they use and practise water conservation, support fair trade initiatives, recycle, reduce and reuse policy’s and buy from their local suppliers to make sure they are reducing their carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

You can be assured that the treatment you receive is going to improve your health leave you refreshed and ready for the new day, but that isn’t the only benefit from choosing an organic massage. By choosing natural, earth friendly practises, you are supporting sustainable methods of production making earth friendly products more accessible.

Producing an organic jojoba crop or almond planation is time consuming and highly regulated. If you want to be sure your oils are herbicide and pesticide free, then using a certified supplier is the only way. These farmers work hard to produce a crop that is earth friendly and safe in every way so by choosing to have an organic massage is a way to make sure that organic growers have the custom they need to keep producing.

It is worth seeking out an organic certified massage therapist as not only will you receive a top quality, natural treatment to heal the soul; you are also investing in the future of the planet.

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