Bring Some Summer to your Winter Work Environment

Calgarians are known for one thing … Awesomeness! OH! And a long winter. In a winter wonderland Calgary would be crowned King with the way we embrace the cold and make it work for us. Now there is yet another way that Calgary can make serious business enjoying winter – and that’s by adding a little bit of summer to our workplaces all year, thanks to Vertical Oxygen.

Vertical Oxygen is a Calgary based company that produce stunning living walls that bring all the benefits of beautifully manicured outdoor gardens – indoors. With it come the refreshing perks of stunning summer meadows in your workplace when your real outdoor gardens are under three feet of snow. Plants in an office are known to enhance the work atmosphere and increase productivity but living walls take office greenery to whole new level – and can be as easy to manage as the hideous plastic ones you often see adorning the dentists or doctor’s office.

During winter living walls add an extra layer of insulation that keeps the cold out and the warmth in, with the added bonus of helping keep your office at the perfect level of humidity that keeps you rehydrated and your hair from looking less attractive than the plants the wall grows. This helps in energy efficiency as well as improving the aesthetics of the wall, so much so that LEED credits identify green walls as a protection from solar radiation and heat penetration in the summer and heat loss and greenhouse gas emissions in the winter.

Having a lush bank of plants in a living wall also greatly improves air quality in your office. The leaves of any plant act like little carbon sponges that soak up the damaging gases in the air and store them in their tissues, breathing out clean oxygen that creates a healthy atmosphere for the benefit of you, and your coworkers. Sick building syndrome is a name given to buildings that have many occupants which can encourage and circulate poor quality air which in turns leads to an unhealthy environment. Indoor living walls are very efficient at absorbing off gassing from the VOC products that are commonly found in the offices and cubicle centres and can add to health problems, especially during winter when the air is likely to be recycled.

Plants in an office are known to increase productivity by 12% and contribute to feeling of general wellness by workers. If these pants are made into a beautiful living wall by Vertical Oxygen the benefits can be amplified with no stress as they also have a maintenance program so the wall always cleans, protects and keeps you healthy.

If you really want to make the most of your indoor living wall you can fill full of edible plants like tomatoes, herbs and even bananas. If that doesn’t tempt them – the pineapples will! That would mean that your workers could also have a healthy snack on their breaks all through winter as well as clean air and comfortable working environment.

Whichever way you look at it, installing a green wall is a great idea for your office for so many reasons whether its winter or summer. The positive benefits are huge to the environment and your company, but nothing can be more welcoming that coming in from your cold commute in the snow and breathing in fresh, green clean air at the perfect humidity. Kick off your boots, throw down your coat and dance down the aisles of the cubes – living walls from Vertical Oxygen can make it a beautiful summer day in the office for you!

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