The Beauty of Biodiesel

We all know that petrol and diesel in our cars are harmful to the environment but how much do you know about a safer alternative known as biodiesel? Biodiesel is homemade, renewable fuel that is made from vegetable oils, animal fat, and other greases. It is more safe and efficient for our earth as it reduces emissions and is a cleaner burning alternative.

Biodiesel is fuel made from natural oils and can be used in compression ignition engines, which originally use standard petroleum diesel, which as we all know has high emissions and is extremely harmful. How well biodiesel performs in cold weather depends on the blend of biodiesel. The smaller the percentage of biodiesel in the blend, the better it performs. Regular diesel and Biodiesel perform about the same in cold weather. Both biodiesel and diesel have some compounds that crystallize in very cold temperatures. In winter weather, manufacturers combat crystallization in diesel by adding a cold flow improver but this harmful chemical does not need to be added to biodiesel.

Biodiesel has many positive impacts on not only our environment, but also on our own health as most countries import about half of their petroleum, which is used to fuel vehicles in the form of gasoline and diesel. These movements of fuel burn huge amounts of fuel contributing to climate change and greenhouse gases that harm the planet. Depending heavily on foreign petroleum supplies puts the country at risk for trade deficits, supply disruption, and price changes. Biodiesel can be produced at home and used in conventional diesel engines, directly substituting for or extending supplies of traditional petroleum diesel. This would help in the economy and also provide a safer alternative and a more secure alternative.

It has been proven that biodiesel reduces emissions from cars and other vehicles using biodiesel. It helps reduce the greenhouse gasses being emitted into the environment. It has also been proven that biodiesel is less combustible, and helps lubricate the engine more easier preventing parts to rust prematurely.

Biodiesel is one way to reduce the cost of running a vehicle as perused oil can be turned into biofuel with an additive available on the market. If you have a regular source of used oil, like a fast food establishment, then you can filter and use the oil for a healthier alternative. It is recycling at its finest.

You can purchase commercial biodiesel to use but before using biodiesel, be sure to check your engine warranty to ensure that higher-level blends of this alternative fuel don’t void or affect it. High-level biodiesel blends can have a solvency effect in engines and fuel systems that previously used petroleum diesel which may result in degraded seals and clogged fuel filters. Biodiesel is a great change to make but always to be sure you are making the right choice for you and your vehicle.

Biodiesel is a more efficient way to drive and also help save our planet; it also has the perks of helping the engine, lubricating well and saving money.

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