Taking your family Eco-friendly Camping

When thinking of cheap holidays it’s easy to think of camping as an economical solution to having a great holiday, and it can be. Camping is an extremely popular activity, but sometimes is not that great for the environment. We are tempted to bring a lot of equipment with us that uses consumables, then relax and think that the maid service will come so you can leave wrappers all over the site. When camping always pretends you’re in the rough end of the woods and need to keep it clean and better then when you began.

Always take reusable cookware, it is a chore to wash everything after it’s used but it is good for the environment. Getting reusable may be a bit more expensive but will save you money in the end. With reusable cooking supplies they can be taken on many camping trips and used for so many other activities, instead of just tossing it and having to buy more.

Try recycling, if you recycle at home take that with you on your next camping trip. Even if the site you are at doesn’t offer recycling bins bring some extra trash bags with you so you can separate the waste from that which can be recycled. Ask locally if there is a place to recycle it, and some may even pay you for it.

To get the proper camping experience try cooking over a fire instead of bringing a stove or propane cooker. Propane has damaging effects on the environment, and also why not try something new? A Dutch oven is great way to cook delicious food, and earth friendly – so is a ‘raw’ diet. Research, or ask someone how to properly cook over a fire and have fun trying it out. Always make sure you extinguish your fire properly.

Many people take their trailer camping, to be more eco-friendly and economical, try camping in tents. Trailers use so much gas to get it to the site and also require a lot of harmful substances to keep it going. By sleeping in tents you’ll save a lot of money on gas, and also you’ll help save the planet. Tenting is much more fun as it is the heart and soul of any camping trip.

Buy local whilst you are at the camp site as it reduces your carbon footprint, so does taking walks, hikes, swimming in a lake or canoeing, rather than day trips out that use the car. Try and buy fresh grown produce without any packaging and using natural cleaning products that will not contaminate the area if spilt.

There are many other ways to conserve energy and to protect the environment when camping, use common sense and always keep things clean. Do some research before you go and as a well organized and planned camping trip be a fun trip for your family, make you appreciate the world you live in and also won’t have such bad effects on the environment.

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