Give ‘Green’ Gifts this Christmas

Christmas time is coming, and we are looking forward to everything connected with it, from decorating our home, getting our family together to exchanging the presents. We are often told that most important part of Christmas holidays is spending time with our family, but the truth is that we all like getting presents a lot more. Is there anything better than opening a present and discovering that you got just what you wanted or getting something you didn’t even know you want but definitely need? Admit it, nothing compares to the feeling you get after you manage to find a perfect gift for someone. You can’t wait for the Christmas morning to see the look on their face once they open their gift.

But finding a perfect gift isn’t as easy as we would like, especially if you are buying a present for the person that is hard to please. Before starting you shopping process you need to consider all their interests and wishes to find something that will suit them perfectly. After you get this crucial information you will be able to find something that would be right just for them. But, while looking for a perfect present make sure you find the one that is also perfect for the planet. You do not want your planet to suffer because of your desire for finding the right gift. Green gifts are not only clever and unique, but they are also great for the planet.

Make sure your gift will be used

There is nothing worse than a gift that doesn’t get used. Make sure you get something that receiver will appreciate, and which they will use. Perhaps you have no idea what to buy them this year or you simply think that you don’t have enough time to find the perfect gift, but even then you shouldn’t choose some generic gift that this person will not use. If you know the receiver of the gift well enough, you will surely manage to find a gift they will definitely use. If your friend is tired mom, offer her to babysit while she goes on a date with their partner. She will probably enjoy that a lot more that a body wash collection or scented candles.

Choose eco-friendly packaging

When wrapping your gifts, you should opt for eco-friendly choice. There are so many different options for gift wrapping that will look better and more unique than any wrapping paper you can buy. There are even wrapping options that can be a part of the gift itself. Wrap the gift in a scarf or place it in a beautifully decorated box that can be reused later. Be unique, creative and think green.

Avoid shipping cost and gas emission

Find a locally-sourced gift and save the environment. This is an excellent choice not only because not only you are saving the environment by avoiding gas emissions that come from the process of shipping, but you will also support the local economy by buying from local vendors.

Gift certificates

An excellent way of giving a perfect present and making the most of your skills is giving your family and friends a gift certificates. You won’t have to spend a lot of money and you’ll be able to find something special for each person. Give babysitting certificate to your friend who is now proud by tired mom, or home-cooked meal certificate to your younger brother who is living on take-out food.

Give edible gifts

If your friends are food lovers, then the gift of food is an excellent choice. Not only everybody will appreciate your efforts but you will also give an ultimate green gift because you will create almost zero waste. Just make sure you consider all the preferences and any possible food allergies of the gift receiver when choosing the recipes. To leave the great impact on the gift receivers you should think of some beautiful and unique ways for wrapping your edible presents.

Give tickets

Tickets to a live event are exactly the perfect type of gift that everyone will appreciate, no matter if they are a music lover, sports fan or even stand-up enthusiast. There is a high probability that each person on your Christmas list has some kind of interest or a hobby for which you can get a ticket for a live event. Explore all the events your city has to offer and maybe you’ll find the perfect gift without even having to go further than your computer. Just think of their interests and you will quickly find the perfect event.

Another great and useful gift to give this Christmas is course membership. If your family members or friends are always talking about wanting to do some activity, you should give them a course membership for that activity. From yoga or cooking course to a climbing you’ll surely find the course that will be perfect for them. And who knows, maybe you even find the one you can take together.

Gift cards

Buying not sufficiently thought through material gifts is never an eco-friendly solution, because there is a high chance the present will end up unused or even thrown away. Yes, you maybe think that that cardigan with leopard print is amazing, but the question is will your mother in law think the same? You should consider giving them the gift cards to their favorite shops like a bookstore, clothing store or even electronics outlet. This way they will be able to buy something they actually want.

Homemade gifts

There is nothing more eco-friendly than making the presents by yourself. Not only you won’t be a part of shopping madness, but you’ll be able to avoid shipping cost and any gas emission that results from that.  Even if you have no experience in doing crafts, there are so many different homemade gifts that are not so hard to do that you will surely succeed. Decide what your strengths are and use them to your advantage. From knitting hats, scarfs or mug holders, making beauty products like bath bombs or body scrubs, lotion bars or even something exotic like flavored salts or infused vodka, there are so many things you can make and give this holiday season.

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