How to Keep your Kids Occupied During the Christmas Season?

We all know that Christmas should be the most wonderful time of the year, and it is, or, at least, most of the time. But, we have to admit the holiday season can also be extremely stressful, especially if you have kids. There is so much stuff you need do in order to prepare your home for the festivities that you will feel it is impossible to accomplish everything and the kids have the amazing ability to prolong everything you are trying to do. With shopping, wrapping presents, cooking, cleaning and entertaining your kids, you’ll be happy if you get a minute of free time. Not only that you need to incorporate all those activities in your already busy day, but you also need to find a way to make this time special for your kids. This can make even the sanest parent to go crazy.

Figuring out how to keep your kids busy while you are you trying to do everything, can be even more stressful than the task at hand. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are so many fun activities your kids can do that will keep them busy and give you time to get everything done. Get some great ideas here and make sure you have happy and relaxing holiday season.

  1. Let them discover the true meaning of the Christmas holidays. Too many kids grow up thinking that the true meaning of Christmas is receiving presents. You need to teach them that the most important thing about Christmas is giving, and not receiving. This way you will make sure you are raising the kids you can be proud of, kids that are willing to help the others and share the true spirit of this holiday. Create a new tradition this holiday season and teach your kids to give. Is there any better way to make room for new holiday presents than by giving away the old toys? Those old toys your children no longer want can make some other kids really happy. Make it even more special by letting your kids choose the charitable organizations for the donation.
  2. Painting ornaments. Is there anything more beautiful than the ornaments your kids have made by themselves? Well, truth be told there is, but it is also true that you can’t beat the feeling you get when you see those ornaments filled with all their love. This is why this year you should give your kids the freedom when it comes to the decorations. Get craft paint, old ornaments and let them go wild. You will be free for the few hours, and they will be happy to let their imagination roam free. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover that one of your kids is a creative prodigy.
  3. Making window decorations. Why should you waste any money on generic decorations, when you have free workers you need to keep busy? Kill two birds with one stone. Let your kids create unique and creative decorative pieces and give yourself a few moments of the piece. There are many different craft projects they can do to create unique window decorations. They can make paper snowflakes or even toilet paper roll flowers. The best thing about these craft projects is that you probably already have everything you’ll need.
  4. Building gingerbread house. Here is one delicious project. Give them a gingerbread house kit and let them create their own gingerbread home or even town. The best thing about this amazing project is that you’ll never know what they will come up with. Just let their imagination roam free. They will be so thrilled that you believe them enough to let them make their own creations.
  5. Organize a treasure hunt. This is amazing idea that will keep your kids busy and happy for a while. Don’t worry, treasure maps are not that hard to create. Just draw a map with a few clues that will lead them around your house and which will eventually lead them to a treasure. This treasure doesn’t have to be expensive, they will be happy with even the smallest treat. You can even connect this activity with some other from the list. For example, gingerbread house kit can be an amazing treasure and it will lead into a new activity. Isn’t that purely genius?
  6. Recycling old crayons. Don’t throw any old and broken crayons that you have lying around your home. Instead, you should make new and unique homemade Christmas crayons. This is not that hard to do, just melt them in a pot and pour it into the Christmas shaped molds. Let it cool for a while and soon your kids will have new Christmas shaped crayons.
  7. Baking Christmas cookies. Why should you spend hours in the kitchen all alone, when you have the whole family that can help you? Put on some holiday music and invite your kids to join you in your kitchen empire. You can involve them in the whole process, from choosing the recipe, getting the ingredients, measuring and even mixing. Go with them step by step but try controlling the urge to do everything by yourself. Use Christmas shaped cookie molds or even let your kids create their own unique shapes. To make sure this is a happy and not a stressful project, you should prepare yourself that the flour and batter will end up everywhere around the kitchen. There is no point getting annoyed with that, especially when this activity can make your kids so happy.  If they are too young for baking, then you should bake the cookies yourself and let your kids to decorate it.

These projects are all great and will help you to make sure that your kids have fun while you deal with other things, but they will probably need your help every once in a while. If you need to fully occupy them while you are doing come important Christmassy stuff, and make sure they are not disturbing you, you should try making DIY laser maze. This can occupy them for hours. What will you need to create a real laser maze? Not much. Just grab a roll of crepe paper and some tape, find a hallway you won’t need that day and start taping.

Now that you have enough ideas for keeping your kids busy, your holiday season will surely be less stressful. So start enjoying it.

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