Encouraging Your Kids to be Green Kids

We all want a better and healthier world for our future generations to grow up in, but it’s not something that comes overnight. It’s easy to think that someone else will model earth friendly behaviors, respect for the environment and other essential attitudes that care for the world that we live in, but the truth is – they won’t. If you want a better healthier world you must be the one to teach and model conscientious behavior.  It comes with positive reinforcement, fun activities and frequent repetition until it becomes a habit.

Every positive behaviour a child shows should be rewarded with a some type of encouragement, either a verbal affirmation or a physical reward. To help your child go green and make eco-friendly choices consider something that would motivate them, maybe create a sticker chart, where every action that is eco-friendly earns them a sticker and decide on a reward for when the chart is all filled up. Be sure that you also demonstrate how important earth friendly choices and sustainable living so that they ca follow what you do.

Every child learns through playing, to make playing eco-friendly and to have fun together try growing vegetables in the garden. This will not only teach them a great way to grow food and other life skills but also to the eat veggies they grew themselves. To help your child make fun, sustainable decisions, make food monsters or ecofriendly creations with the veggies that were grown, or maybe different landscape scenes. Help your child use their imagination and also make good choices at a young age.

Another fun idea to help your child is to go for walks, maybe make a green scrapbook of leaves in the park, or research different trees and go see if they can be found. Look at bushes and grasses and talk about them. Look for wildlife in them that may have made homes, or could make homes, around the area. Look at plants that grow around trees and how different they are. Follow on by planting different trees in your own garden to illustrate how to reduce greenhouse gasses. Plant commemorative trees in your garden to remember people or events, and encourage your family to plant ones in their gardens too. If you do not have a garden ask if you can plant a tree in a family members garden and encourage them to join you.

Every school has a Parent Teacher Association or a parent involvement program, get involved with that to promote eco-friendly outings or games at school. Promote Earth Day, and plan fun activities for school, or a fun outing. Encourage competitions and class room based initiatives on recycling, up cycling or growing a garden. Have a sustainable poetry competition and write a book to sell.

After a while these behaviours will turn into habits so frequently reinforce good habits like turning the tap off while brushing teeth, or turning lights off when not needed. By reinforcing behaviours it will evolve into habit that will stay with them for a long time. Make sustainable living a priority and be sure to encourage people to join you in these activities and you will find that your child will soon be caring for the planet in a way that will ensure a cleaner, healthier environment for their children.

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